“Lift Off”: Graduation Speech at Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2016

(Click here to see the spoken-word graduation speech that, admittedly, has been around for a few months but which I just watched.)

I don’t have much to say about this but…Wow!  If all teachers had the passion, the vision of this young man, we’d all be better people.

Consider, if you are a teacher, what you can do to “connect the dots of the constellations in the eyes” of your students, to see them as “comets leaving their beautiful trail” wherever and whenever they go screaming across your skies.

If you are a parent, seek out these teachers, these rare creatures, and allow your children to breathe and live in the beautiful air of their rooms.  Know that their teaching may not resemble what you remember, but that they will leave a mark, indelible, incredible, and infinitely important, on your children.

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