Some Student Blogs: What’s up in Design Lab

We’ve been working on a classroom redesign.   The project takes the students through at least one full cycle of the the DT model and two iterations of a prototype.  We’re then going to synthesize the best ideas for redesign for student needs and teacher (that’s me) needs, write up a grant proposal, and present in front of our District Foundation as part of the grant proposal.

Here are a few students’ blog reflections from the past week.  Please leave comments if you have time.

Rei Can Design:  This one is image heavy and pointed in its reflections.  Take a look and leave some comments if you can.   Check out her 9/28/16 post–She’s working on a project and totally aware of just how confining the space actually is for students working on projects.

Welcome to the Life of Adam:  This boy’s doing some serious thinking about the process.

Adventures of a Teenage Dreamer:  An insider’s view of our design process and interviews so far.

Love this student’s insights into the empathy interviews: Lost in Thought


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