Levels and levels

ha-bannerA final blog post on Haroun and the Sea of Stories, the Salman Rushdie novel we just finished in my Gifted Honors English, grade 10, class.

Improbable Impossibilities

The finale to my thoughts on the book “Haroun and the Sea of Stories”. (Spoilers to those who haven’t read the book)

First off, the ending took me by surprise. While I did anticipate a happy ending (it is a children’s book, after all), the ending was literally artificial, generated with P2C2E. It is also interesting that Butt the Hoopoe is still with Haroun when he is on Earth (and can still speak). Furthermore, no time has elapsed between Haroun’s entrance into Kahani and his departure. Earlier in the book, Haroun is able to enter a story and experience it first hand by drinking water from a Stream of Story, and now, as Haroun returns, it is raining in his town. From the book, “‘It’s the Walrus, making my wish come true. There must be artificial happy endings mixed up with the rain'” (Rushdie 208). This means that, the Eggheads/Walrus in Kahani…

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