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I’ve lots of reasons to like this blog. 1) The young lady who’s the author is as eloquent and outspoken on the movement to reimagine education as you’ll find. 2) She’s still in high school! 3) Her voice is original, vital, and full of the potential we too often rob from our students in the name of grades, rankings, and other self-serving concepts the system embeds in students’ minds. 4) Because this is the future I’m imagining with the design lab class I’m piloting with 13 sometimes intrepid, sometimes tepid students at my high school. We need more of these voices. Please, let Anya know your thoughts about reimagining education by replying to her original post.

The Life of Pinya


It’s always such a relief to meet with an entire conference of learners who really see the world of possibilities that lies in the future of education! These past few days I have had the immense joy of attending the Pioneering Lab Training hosted by Education Reimagined here in Atlanta, Ga. I was blown away by the people in attendance so much that I needed to take a day before blogging to really process everything.

C10L7mtWEAIktyS.jpgIn my own words, the PioneeringLab is a gathering of educators (of all ages) from learner-centered environments that come together for inquiry sessions around major components of the education transformation movement. What I attended this past week was the training for this lab. The purpose of the training (also in my own words) is to prepare learners for the lab itself by establishing a common understanding of language to use within the learner-centered community.

Having common language is really…

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