Insights and Conversations with Anya

Two students who are working on an Independent Study with me. Fearless? Indeed! We all must be so if we are to take on the challenges the world presents to us. If all we ever do is what the system tells us to do, we’ll only get what the system wants: obedient, compliant, widgets. Ain’t no one I know who wants to be just a widget…though it is far simpler and more comfortable to just do what you’re told.

Hmmm reminds me of the Peter Gabriel Song: “We do what we’re told (Millgram’s 37)”

Curiosity in Education

On Thursday we had the chance to Skype with Anya Smith. If you don’t know Anya, you should take a look at our Voices page and head over to her blog at  Sharing passions for design, education transformation, and theater, we feel like she’s a kindred spirit.

Now a senior at Mount Vernon Presbyterian High School, Anya has been able to seize the most out of her learning. Mount Vernon Presbyterian School has wholeheartedly embraced design thinking and makes it a central facet of their students’ mindset and education.  They boast curiosity and passion being the drive behind education at their school. With MVIFI (the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation), Mount Vernon focuses on education transformation through people-centered design. Students work through the design process to explore, create, and innovate.

During Anya’s freshman year in high school, she was assigned a project in a history class called the…

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