How Cow Stomachs Showed Me The Divisions Schools Create Between Learners

Two students exploring Curiosity in Education with me through an independent study. This is beautiful and urgently needed. Please read!

Curiosity in Education

Yesterday at school, something beautiful happened. I was working on a project in an environmental club meeting after school with a friend. To celebrate Earth Day, the club has split up into small groups and is going to present different ideas on how to better care for the Earth (these topics include recycling, sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, and gardening, among others) to Elementary school learners in the district. My friend is especially knowledgeable about animals, gardening, and agriculture because she cares for so many animals at home (dogs, ducks, cats, turtles, fish, alpacas, chickens, etc.), rides horses in her free time, cares for a garden, and is a member of the 4-H where she helps to raise chickens and seeing-eye dogs. From all of these experiences, she knows A LOT about animals and agriculture. So today, when I came in a little late to the meeting, she was talking with…

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