Ira Socol, Reminders, and Risk Taking

Education that’s “new, messy, and exciting…?” Count me in!

Curiosity in Education

Although I’ve tried to follow along with the twitter chats and the live streams for IMMOOC, I’ve found it a bit difficult to keep up with the blog prompts. Often, this arose from trying to make each blog post as polished as possible, but instead would result in blog posts never actually fully being finished and posted. This struggle was nicely put into words by a quote I recently saw on George Couros’ blog: “Perfect is the enemy of done”. So, with inspiration from the blogpost challenge from week 3 and Anya Smith’s own personal previous challenge of posting daily for 100 days straight, I’m going to try to post a blog post daily.

Adobe Spark-5After seeing it on George Couros’ twitter, I recently read a blogpost written by educator Ira Socol. In the post, Socol discussed the differences between project-based, problem-based, and passion-based learning.

Often, when I think about project-based…

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