Romeo & Juliet: Act 1

Hey…for all of you who hated Shakespeare in HS…Here’s some straight dope for you.

Flowering Ideology

60558772884e326e49ab3dac0a3f23d1Act 1 of Romeo and Juliet was unexpectedly interesting.  I started the first act wondering how on Earth I would understand what these people were saying.  Once you get through the
first scene, however, it’s easier to get into the flow of Shakespeare’s writing.  From what I had heard, 
Romeo and Juliet was about some guy and some girl who fall love and decide to kill themselves.  I thought I’d have to drudgingly read through this book, anticipating the last page I’d read.  The story is surprisingly interesting, with more characters than just Romeo and Juliet.  The different characters add a lot to the story, including humor, something I never expected from a book written hundreds of years ago.

The script does add a bit of a challenge, though.  You have to rely on the characters and the notes in the script to describe the settings of the various scenes…

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