R&J Final Thoughts 🤔

Good God! If this isn’t a magnificent example of what students can do when given time and a bit of direction and practice. This blog post kills it in terms of assessing & analyzing Romeo and Juliet from several different perspectives.

The Adventures of a Teenage Daydreamer

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My Opinions

Overall, I enjoyed the play more than I thought I would. I mean most of the time I was laughing at all the dramatic irony and just irony in general that Shakespeare used. For example:

  1. falling in love with your mortal enemy
  2. Friar Lawrence’s failed letter saying that Juliet didn’t actually die…yeah that might’ve saved some lives (OK… I know… Friar John couldn’t send the letter to Romeo because of some funky disease going around in Mantua.)

3. The timing of Romeo and Juliet’s deaths (waking up after faking your death only to find the person you “died for” is dead

4. The date of the wedding being moved one day completely messing up the sleeping potion’s timing

5.  Paris getting caught in the middle of the whole marriage mess etc. Paris: But I’M supposed to marry Juliet. Romeo: Yeah but we were married first.

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Ah.. all the…

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