20 Time Presentations — 2017 Schedule

PVHS Staff:

Here’s the schedule of student 20 Time presentations for Monday, June 5–Thursday, June 8.  If you can make it (you can just come to watch or you can help evaluate), please sign up on the appropriate period’s sign-up sheet (hit the hyperlinked Periods).  Thanks.

Period 2

Monday, June 5

  1. Isabelle Barrett–Language Learning:  Video and the benefits of…
  2. Eric Londer–Makerspaces and design for HS makerspace.
  3. Emma Gamble–”Emma Tries It”: How learning new things keeps us sharp
  4. Corey Elmer–NCAA Bracket Study

Tuesday, June 6

  1. Chloe Hill, Sara Haney, Gigi DiJohn–Bottlecap Mural study and creation
  2. Dorian Philpot and Minnie Holcomb–Project Sharing Smiles (Changing the tenor of internet conversations (see instagram account:  projectsharingsmiles )

Wednesday, June 7

  1. Kate Weston and Emily Yeager–Entrepreneurship:  Developing a Dog Biscuit Business
  2. Ellen Feng — Motivation for the Athlete: Documentary of Ice Skating and Motivation
  3. Max Lin–Machine Learning
  4. Jordan Sell–Childhood Obesity

Period 6-7

Monday, June 5

  1. Josh Bolan:  Building out a Website
  2. Kelly McGlade:  A HS writer’s look at the writing life with extensive samples of work

Tuesday, June 6

  1. Cori Capari, Kat Kelley, Ansley Allan-:  From MS to HS:  Easing the Transition for Gifted Students (and all students)
  2. Gabby Timoteo:  Design for a Better World: Artwork, Redbubble, and Fundraising
  3. Bill Bray:  Can Design Help Humans Make the World a Better Place?
  4. Evan Older: Simple Electronics in the Classroom: Design and Build of an RF Antenna to Receive and Decode Satellite and Airplane signals.

Wednesday, June 7

  1. Gabe Lyczak:  ClassNinja: Course Selection.  Redesigned.  
  2. Max Moliken:  The Happiness Project
  3. Jordan Wenning:  Learning Bass: The Joy and Experience of Learning Something New.  Also–Setting up a Community Event to Showcase Student Projects.

Period 9

Monday, June 5

  1. Cam Barrie:  For the Love of Making: What Happened to Basic Mechanical Skills in Our Education/Lives?
  2. Anna Ferraro and Katie Litak:  Music for Veterans:  Write, Produce, Perform a Song for US Veterans.
  3. Connor Letterio: Stranger Danger: A Concept in Need of Change
  4. Ryan Kenney:  Art Therapy: How Art Can Help Heal

Tuesday, June 6

  1. Andrew DiSanto:  Rocks Rock!:  Minerals, Their Importance, and our Ignorance Thereof
  2. Becca deFreese:  Procrastination and Perfectionism in the Gifted Population
  3. Keelyn Zepp: Music and Mental Illness:  Songs Written and/or Performed
  4. Felicia Forsythe: It’s Our Ocean:   Website Creation and Curation

Wednesday, June 7

  1. Heather Canigiani:  The Nature of Beauty:  Timelapse Photos
  2. Jerry Veve:  Becoming a Superhero:  Design Your Tools, Your Body, Your Mind
  3. Emma Kerwin:  Eidetic Memory: Photography, Memory, and Recapturing the Past in the Present
  4. Abby Yeager:  The German-American Experience: Writing Short(?) Historical Fiction

Thursday, June 8:  Special Guest Speaker

  1. Irina Koleva:  Metaphor and Embodied Cognition: The Mind, The Body, and the Limits of Language

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