To Kill A Mockingbird #2

Just want to give a shout out to one of my students whose blog post upon finishing To Kill a Mockingbird nails so much of why we read great books, and why we still read (and more important NEED TO READ) this book.

Please check out his post, minor grammatical warts and all, and give him some “like.”

Pathfinding Progress

Okay, I finally got To Kill A Mockingbird all squared away, and the first thing I have to do is apologize. I was way too hard on the book in my first entry, and while I still stand by my statements, they were spoken without the full context of the book in mind. Most of the first half was setup and nothing more, and without the payoff it’s easy to see how one could get bored. Regardless, with the knowledge that everything interesting in this book happens in the second half, I can confidently place this book among the ranks of the treasured few required reading books I actually enjoyed.

Blue and Gold Cover Book on Brown Wooden Shelf

Since it’s the “lens” my class is trying to focus on this time around, I’d like to take another look at secret lives. More specifically, what secret life the community of Maycomb lives as a whole. Their racism penetrates every…

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