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If you’re a fan of To Kill a Mockingbird, you might find this blog post a thorough, challenging, and interesting read. The author is one of my students, and she makes such interesting connections here. This is what deeper learning might sound like, if it made a sound.

The Adventures of a Teenage Daydreamer

I. Final Thoughts

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Overall, I genuinely enjoyed reading this book again because I’ve finally found some answers to question I had my first time. This story focuses on a kid growing up in a changing society, and I have read very few books that capture the fear of growing up and facing societal expectations with such emotional depth and clear purpose like To Kill a Mockingbird. One book that comes to mind that shares an honest and emotional depiction of growing up in a changing society particularly would be The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini which tells the story of two friends, with very different lives, growing up together during Afghanistan’s political turmoil leading up to and following the fall of the monarchy. It’s written with heart and honesty like TKAM. Honestly, a good book grabs every bit of  the reader’s attention in the best way and TKAM and…

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