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I’m a teacher with 26 years in Middle, College, and High School Classrooms who has found his way to championing Design Thinking, Project Based Learning, and Student Guided Inquiry.

I work with two national design-based learning networks:  Design-ed and The Design Learning Network.

I’m also ran the national Middle School pilot for The Creativity Hub’s “Extraordinaires Design Studio” product.  We were focused on building empathy to help guide problem finding and solving in middle school students.  (See posts on this activity in the menu bar above)

I am the Director of Learning for the Philadelphia Based Educational Design Consultancy, “Form and Faculty,” and I blog there occasionally.  For example…

I tweet:  @Ed_by_Design

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The Class blog for “NOVA Lab”, the Innovation and Open Source Learning class I started in 2016, and again in 2019


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Redefining Reading

Agree here wholeheartedly. What a door of opportunity that the NCTE has finally recognized (formally) as “open” for so so long.


[This was originally published at the HMH Shaped Blog. I am reposting it in response to the NCTE’s recent position statement which includes these lines:

My wife recently rediscovered her grandmother’s copy of The Scarlet Letter. The edition was published by Houghton Mifflin in 1892. My first thought was, “We’re rich!” It turns out that an 1892 edition is not worth a lot, however. First editions of the book have some value, but first editions are from 1850. This led to my second thought: “This book was written a long time ago!” And that led to these questions:

  • Why is this book still a part of the curriculum in many high schools? Has nothing been written in the last 169 years that has as much or more value than this book?
  • Are we doing unto others what has been done unto us and missing a bigger picture?
  • Is there…

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