The Modern Learner: Dancing to Learn

iStock_000020371243Small_largeI link below to the blog and youtube channel of a student who has taken a passion project/20Time project to levels far beyond my expectations.  If you’re an educator of any sort, you should take a look at her work.  While she is certainly an exceptional student,  she could easily be languishing in classrooms that sap her energy and deny her access to her curiosity.

Instead, Irina has created opportunities and taken hold of those presented to her to pursue her curiosity and interests.  This is the modern learner, the innovator, the self-determined learner.

This is the future of education, and it is now.

As educators, we know that we need to question ourselves constantly.  And while it may be exhausting, we need to find ways to be in a constant, iterative cycle.  Change is everywhere, and it is represented strongly in our students, especially those like Irina.   We can either lead with them or get out of their way.  But if we think conducting our classes the same way we always have will help students like Irina learn what they need in a world that has always outpaced our glacially paced system, we’re mistaken and worse, an anachronism.

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What We Talk about When We Talk about Learning

Will Richardson is one of the major change agents in education. I’ve followed him for several years, but recently Will and Bruce Dixon released a White Paper: 10 Principles for Schools of Modern Learning (get it at their website), facebook page, and revamped website that every teacher and administrator in the country/world ought to be reading.

Both the white paper and their blog are shots across the bow at the slow and tedious educational ship of state.  The white paper, in particular is smart, focused, and solutions oriented.  You can find it at this address

Equally important is a sort of overview of “learning” from Will Richardson.  In this little ditty Will muses intelligently on what it means to be a learner and to have learned things:  What is learning?:  Learning is that which causes us to want to learn more.

Couldn’t have said it any better.  Watch Will here: