Design Lab Week #2

One of the Design-Lab students and her reflections on our first full week of D-Lab. It’s a Semester-long class, but I’m already lamenting it’s end. I’ve not felt this much engagement and learning in class in a long time

Adventures of a Teenage Dreamer

The first full week of school is kind of a drag as most honors and AP classes just start making due dates fall down on students like meteors, but Design Lab was a breath of fresh air as we are starting our classroom redesign project. It’s also a bit stressful knowing the kinds of projects we’ll be working on in there, but I’ll worry about that when it happens.

This week passed by in a blur even though it felt like a millennium,  but what stuck out to me in D-Lab was how every day the class was told to embrace our creativity and let go of anything clogging up our heads. We do a ritual every day of the week, which includes Mindful Monday, Team Building Tuesday, What Bugs You Wednesday, Sketch-it Thursday, and Reflection Friday. While I don’t really remember what we did every day, I thought the…

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