Storytelling in Teaching: People Love What Other People Are Passionate About

A student I learned with this year spins a good story about her first week in the classroom and why Storytelling is so important.

Curiosity in Education

In this first week of career study, I have been thinking a lot about storytelling.

Some of the best teachers I have ever had were so impactful because they knew how to spin a good story. Sometimes it might seem that storytelling in teaching might only lend itself to subjects like history or english. However, it seems that there is a good story to find in everything, and when this story is brought out, students can better see the intricate connections within the material and between the material and other things. Storytelling does not have to just be a lecture format. Stories can be told all the time; when reviewing a packet or a test, during a science lab, anywhere.

In order to really tell the story of a certain topic really well, it seems that one really needs to have a mastery of knowledge of their material, as well…

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